Every woman is a jewel PDF Print E-mail

Although I grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco, San Cristóbal de Las Casas is a city that adopted me twenty years ago, and it was there that I discovered Mexican amber, the amber of Chiapas.

Amber is magical, full of life-force captured in time, glorious life prevailing. Amber opened a window upon my own life story, my roots in the artistry of adornment, and from then on this precious resin has been the main element in all my jewelry collections.

My inspiration is born in passion for life and its diversity, for my own origins and the natural and cultural legacies that each of us has inherited.

I have called my work Joyas de la Tierra, “Jewels from the Earth”, because I feel that life, the natural world and human achievement – all are jewels to be treasured. From there my collections take shape. I like every piece to be dramatic, nearly sculptural; to gleam with sensuality, character and distinction; with warmth and intense femininity. Much more than an accessory or eye-catching ornament, each becomes a symbol of its wearer’s identity.

While crafted for women from around the world, our jewelry is 100% Mexican; reflecting its sources in this land’s timeless beauty and dignity.

I say OUR jewelry because I am not alone: I am honored to work side-by-side with a wonderful group of creative women who are thoroughly involved in contributing their talents and most heartfelt support to this team that is Flora María, Joyas de la Tierra.

In fact, we have a motto that we all stand by: